Hello there people of the internet, and welcome to my blog.

I am Ari, a young Aussie who is currently studying full time, drinks far too much tea for her own good, likes to hoard books from op shops that she never ends up reading and thinks that anytime before 10 am is too early.

And as you may have guessed from the name of my blog, I like to write. In early 2017, after finishing another great book series, I went seeking something else to read. In my mind was an ideal book, one set in Australia with assassins, dark themes and deeply flawed yet interesting characters. Unsurprisingly, such a book does not exist. However, this was the moment an imaginary light bulb appeared above my head and a old quote came to mind:

Write the book you want to read

So here I am, sitting behind my laptop and ready to share to my writing with the world. You can expect to see a variety of different posts from me. I will be posting lots about my books, including snippets, character information, research, deleted scenes and whatever I end up writing at 1 am in the morning since I always end up thinking it’s hilarious. I will also post anything and everything book related.

So that is all, thank you for stopping by and feel free to contact me 🙂